Scotchgard for Carpet
Fiber protection is an additional product that can be applied to your carpet or upholstery when it is cleaned by a professional. We use Scotchgard protector, one of the most recognized names in fiber protection. Carpet protector is sprayed onto freshly cleaned carpet and then spread evenly with a carpet rake.
Carpet protector causes spilled liquids to bead on the top of the carpet fiber so that it can be quickly blotted up with a towel. Carpet protector repels water and oil based stains. It also coats the carpet fibers so that dirt and other dry soil does not stick to the fibers. Because the dirt does not stick to protected carpet, your routine vacuuming is more effective. If you have a teflon cooking pan at home, the idea is the same. Soil slides off instead of sticking.
Eggs on a Pan


We recommend having carpet protector applied about once a year or at least every other cleaning. The protector usually wears off in that time. Some homeowners will protect the whole house while other will simply have their heavy traffic areas treated. The additional cost is affordable and extends the life of your carpet.
Scotchgard in Action

When you have ScotchGard protector applied to your carpet or upholstery by Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, you will receive our 12 month spot and stain warranty. If within twelve month of having the protector applied, you have a stain that will not come out with our FREE Spot Out Spotter, we will come out at no charge and treat that spot or stain. This gives our clients piece of mind that we will stand behind our product. Our technicians will make recommendations for carpet protector, but they will never engage in high pressure sales. If you want carpet protector or more information, just ask.

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