Damage to Carpet: Carpet Delamination

May 9, 2024

Unfortunately, your carpet is vulnerable to issues other than dirt and stains. If not taken care of, bigger problems can arise. One of these problems is carpet delamination.

What is Carpet Delamination And How Is It Caused?

Carpet delamination is a condition where the secondary backing of the carpet separates from the primary backing. It can be caused by a variety of issues.

Failure of the Bonding Agent

One cause can be a failure of the bonding agent. This is usually latex between the primary and secondary backing. This may be a defect from the factory or may be caused by factors present during or after the installation.

Improper Installation

A common cause of delamination is improper installation. You will want to make sure the installers have lots of experience and a written guarantee. A check with the local Better Business Bureau would be a good idea. This way you can see if there are complaints about installation and how they were handled.

Flood Damage

Flooding is another reason for carpet delamination. If the carpet remains wet for an extended period, it could breakdown or deteriorate the latex glue. Microbial growth from water soaked carpet can actually feed on the latex glue. Similarly, a carpet that has been cleaned improperly with too much water may also result in a breakdown of the bonding material. This is primarily due to carpet losing 85% of its structural integrity while wet.

Carpet Saturation

If not adequately extracted, solvents in carpet cleaning spotters and solutions may dissolve the latex. Cat or dog urine, which starts out as an acid and then becomes alkaline, will eat away at the backing and the latex. Spills involving petroleum based products can have the same effect.

Ozone Generators

Carpet delamination has also occurred when home or business owners used Ozone generators. Ozone is considered an air pollutant and has been proven to dissolve latex. Over-exposure to Ozone is also considered a serious health hazard.

Wear and Tear

Extreme wear from heavy foot traffic, furniture dollies or wheelchairs can also create separation of the carpet backing. One particular trouble spot is the pivot point on corners or stair landings. This is where people step and twist their feet into the carpet as they round the corners. The twisting and grinding motion causes premature wear on the face of the carpet and the backing

What Carpet Delamination Looks Like

When delamination occurs, it can manifest buckling, rippling and separation from the tack-less strips. The separation will be evident when the carpet pulls away from the baseboards, leaving a noticeable gap. Some carpet repair technicians will use a hot glue gun or latex glue to repair delamination. Unfortunately, this usually just buys some time until the carpet is replaced. If carpet is older or has a jute fiber (burlap) backing, replacement should be considered over repair.

How To Prevent Carpet Delamination

In summary, to prevent costly destruction of your carpet from delamination, you can do a few things:

  • Hire professional IICRC certified carpet cleaning or water damage restoration technicians to perform work for you.
  • Be careful when using over the counter carpet spot cleaning products.
  • Avoid grinding your feet into the carpet at pivot points.
  • Don’t use ozone generators and limit the use of wheeled devices like furniture dollies on carpeted surfaces.
  • Ask your carpet cleaners to do extra drying passes over the carpet and to use air-movers to speed drying.

How Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning Can Help

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we understand that carpet is a huge investment. This is why we want to help you care for your carpet. We want to be a resource for all your carpet cleaning questions and ensure you carpet lasts. Take a look at the carpet repair services we offer to help!

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