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Transforming Vinyl
Composite Tile Surfaces

Elevate the appearance and longevity of your flooring with expert cleaning services.
Revitalize Your Space with Vinyl Composite Tile Cleaning
Expert solutions for restoring the luster of your VCT flooring.

HydroClean offers professional vinyl composite tile (VCT) cleaning and refinishing services tailored to the needs of commercial buildings, schools, retail stores, and more. Over time, the finish on VCT surfaces can diminish, but with our specialized cleaning techniques, we can bring back their original shine.

Our skilled technicians utilize a meticulous process involving a stripping solution and rotary machine to remove old finish layers. After thorough cleaning, the tiles are dry mopped, followed by the application of four coats of hard finish, resulting in a glossy, rejuvenated appearance.

Finding VCT cleaning experts can be challenging, but HydroClean stands out with our dedication to delivering exceptional results for both residential and commercial clients in Colorado Springs and the greater Front Range. Trust us to keep your VCT flooring looking immaculate month after month.

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Man in nice loafers cleaning carpet

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Elevating cleanliness and health across Colorado for nearly two decades.
At HydroClean, our commitment to cleanliness goes beyond surface-level. Our carpet cleaning services boast a remarkable track record of eliminating over 90% of common household allergens. Moreover, our carpet cleaning solution holds the EPA Safer Choice label, ensuring safety for your loved ones, including pets, children, and employees, as well as the environment.
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Enhancing the Lifespan of Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring
Ensuring the longevity of vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring involves a comprehensive cleaning process that, when done correctly, can extend its lifespan significantly. Let's delve into the detailed steps of this process and explore effective ways to maintain the integrity of your tile flooring.

VCT flooring typically features multiple layers of wax, offering protection against scratches, moisture, and other damages while imparting a lasting shine. Our approach begins with stripping away the old layers of wax, a crucial step in preparing the surface for rejuvenation. Once the old wax is removed, we proceed to clean the tiles thoroughly, ensuring a pristine foundation for the new wax application.

The next stage involves the application of the new wax, applied in thin, even layers across the tile surface. This initial application sets the stage for subsequent coatings, each adding an additional level of protection and shine. Depending on the level of foot traffic and environmental factors, the number of wax layers may vary. High-traffic areas like schools and factory floors often require eight or more coats, while lower-traffic environments such as office buildings may suffice with two to three coats.

Each wax layer requires adequate drying time, typically around thirty minutes, before our technicians can proceed to add another coat or walk across the surface. To enhance the effectiveness of the waxing process and achieve optimal results, we recommend High-Speed Buffing, a technique that not only strengthens the wax but also enhances its luster, ensuring a long-lasting shine that withstands the test of time.

Man in nice loafers cleaning carpet
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