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At HydroClean, we understand the frustration of dealing with stubborn carpet stains. Whether it's spilled wine, Kool-Aid, juices… or everyday dirt and grime, our team is here to help you restore your carpets to their pristine condition. With our advanced stain removal techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we tackle even the toughest stains with ease. Say goodbye to unsightly blemishes and hello to spotless carpets with HydroClean.
Man in nice loafers cleaning carpet

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Expert Stain Removal by HydroClean
When red stains threaten the beauty of your carpet, trust HydroClean to come to the rescue. Our skilled cleaning technicians are adept at removing red stains caused by spills like Kool-Aid and other red juices. Using our unique red neutralizer, activated with a steamer, we effectively dissolve red dye from synthetic fibers, restoring your carpet's vibrant appearance.
We prioritize safety and efficacy in our methods. Unlike some companies that use clothes irons for red stain removal, we opt for steamers to minimize the risk of damage to your carpet fibers or potential fire hazards. With HydroClean, you can rest assured that your carpet is in capable hands.
What to Avoid in Red Stain Removal
Attempting red stain removal on your own can often worsen the situation. Internet remedies and store-bought cleaning products may set the stain, making it more challenging for professionals to remove later. Additionally, many popular cleaning products contain bleaching agents that can strip the color from your carpet, leaving behind unsightly light spots.

Beware of products labeled with "OXY," as they are known for their bleaching properties, posing a risk of further damage to your carpet's appearance. Instead of risking DIY solutions, trust the expertise of HydroClean's IIRC certified technicians. We offer reliable stain removal services that ensure your carpet retains its original color and beauty.

Carpet stains, especially those caused by red synthetic dyes, can be daunting for homeowners. Don't let a red stain ruin the look of your carpet—contact HydroClean today for a professional solution. Reach out to us for an estimate and discover how our stain removal process can restore your carpet's charm.
Man in nice loafers cleaning carpet
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