How Dirty Is Your Furniture? The Hidden Grime in Upholstery

May 8, 2024

Many of the things that cause allergies and illness are invisible to us; microbes and dust infiltrate soft surfaces around your home. If you are not regularly cleaning your upholstery, you are basking in a cocktail of grime. Do not let these insidious instigators dictate your health or degrade the beauty of your furniture. 

At Hydro Clean, we are proud to provide the best upholstery cleaning in Colorado Springs. Keeping your furniture clean and safe is our goal. Our team of IIRC-certified professionals will implement their extensive skills to deliver stunning results every time. We are proud to be a furniture upholstery cleaner servicing the greater El Paso area. 

Where Does the Dirt Come From?

Despite our best efforts, dirt and debris constantly contaminate our homes. Brought in from outside, dust remains on our clothes and gets transferred to our furniture when we sit down. Not only does dirt from the outdoors permeate our furniture, but more often than not, we are the direct cause of stains and grime. Spilled wine, dropped food, and pet accidents are some of the most common culprits. Even after attempting to clean these stains, the residue remains. 

What Lives in the Grime?

Pet stains on the couch or food stains on furniture are rich breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Feeding on the stains, these microbes delve deep into the recesses of the porous padding of our furniture. It is here, beyond the reach of the vacuum, they make a home. Left untreated, they spread and grow.   

Does Dirty Upholstery Cause Health Issues?

If your family has unexplained allergies or other health issues, soiled furniture could be the cause. Germs and other microbes flourish in soft surfaces like couch cushions and throw pillows. Dirty furniture and health go hand-in-hand. By neglecting to clean these surfaces, they act like sponges and absorb as much as possible. The longer upholstery goes uncleaned, the more time the bacteria in the upholstery fabric has to flourish. Dust will build up until the furniture cannot hold anymore. Thoroughly cleaning your upholstery with a professional service is one of the only ways to sanitize and remove months of build-up effectively.   

How Often Should Upholstery be Cleaned?

To both clean and lengthen the life of your furniture, it needs to be professionally cleaned every one or two years at least. If you have an active household with many pets or children, it would be beneficial to get your fixtures serviced more often. There are many benefits of upholstery cleaning, like longer-lived furniture, a healthier household, and better-looking surfaces.

Revitalize and Sanitize Your Furniture | Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning

At Hydro Clean, we understand how dirty everyday items can get. This is why, as the best upholstery cleaning company in Colorado Springs, we make it our mission to get your surfaces clean the first time. Never again will you have to fear what is left behind. We only use the renowned Sapphire Scientific Upholstrey tool to ensure a perfectly balanced cleaning is performed every time. Schedule your furniture cleaning today.