How Area Rugs Are Cleaned

May 9, 2024

Generally, homeowners consider getting their carpets cleaned but forget that their area rugs may be just as dirty. Whether your area rug is underneath your kitchen table, in your living room, or placed in an entryway, there are probably a lot more crumbles, dirt, and allergens that have accumulated than you would suspect. Thankfully, many professional carpet cleaning companies offer area rug cleanings and are capable of treating various types of area rugs.

Types of Area Rugs You Can Have Cleaned

  • Contemporary (hand-knotted or machine-made)
  • Oriental
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • Uzbek
  • Navajo
  • Afghan

Why Area Rugs Are Not Cleaned at Your House

A professional carpet cleaning company will not clean your rugs at your house or in your driveway. There is too high of a risk of damage to the rug and to hardwood and other floorings. By cleaning the rugs offsite, the chance of the rug dyes running, bleeding, or fading is reduced. It is also important for companies to have control of the drying environment and more time to perform additional washing if needed.

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning’s 10 Step Process For Area Rugs

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we have special natural fiber safe cleaners, rinses, deodorizer, and urine neutralizers to treat these rugs. We also have IICRC certified fine area rug cleaning technicians to ensure that your rugs are cleaned properly, using our 10-step process. 

  • Inspected
  • Beaten
  • Vacuumed
  • Dye-Locked (wool, silk, and other natural Fibers to prevent dye bleeding, running, or fading)
  • Pre-treated
  • Washed
  • Dried
  • Post-inspected
  • Re-washed and re-dried (if needed)
  • Finished with an encapsulant
  • Wrapped for delivery

How Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning Cleans Area Rugs

When we pick up an area rug from your home, we will roll them up, take them to the shop, and clean them. To clean these rugs, we need to test for colorfastness and apply a dye locking agent when necessary to prevent the dyes from bleeding, fading, or running. We also take our time to ensure natural rugs, especially expensive or very delicate rugs, are treated with extra care.  Natural fiber rugs should be cleaned at low heat, low pressure, and mild agitation with cleaning products that are designed specifically for natural rugs.

It is also important to note that rugs that have been affected by urine may need more than one cleaning or may need a more extensive cleaning in our submersion pit. We have to remember that urine and fecal matter are acidic and may permanently damage rug fibers. The length of time the animal matter was allowed to remain in the rug also affects the level of damage.

Need Your Area Rug Cleaned?

Do you need your favorite area rug cleaned? We're here to serve you. At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we use the utmost care to clean your rugs. With our 10 Step Process, your rug will look like new. Schedule your appointment today!

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