Carpet Cleaning Companies: Quality Versus Price

May 9, 2024

With so many options, sometimes it can be difficult to find out which carpet cleaning company to hire. There are various things to consider, especially because carpet cleaners enter your home and are taking care of the carpet you want to last for years. So what are the main factors you should be considering?

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Carpet Cleaning Quality - Does the company or the carpet cleaning offer you’re looking at include a thorough process with high quality equipment that will ensure a clean, stain-free carpet?
  • Price - Balance is key here. Although lower prices are most appealing, the service provided likely won’t be up to your standards. Doing your research on carpet cleaning companies near you will allow you to figure out which prices are worth paying.

Hiring a carpet cleaning company that follows through with high quality work at a reasonable price will be the best investment. There is no need to break the bank, but it’s also not worth hiring a cheap company that does such a poor job you need to hire someone else to fix it.

Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaners Before Hiring

  • What is your cleaning process?
  • Do you use a truck mounted carpet cleaning system?
  • Are background checks conducted on your carpet cleaning technicians?
  • Do you have liability insurance in case something is damaged?
  • Are your employees provided workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance?
  • Is there a guarantee? Will they come back if a spot needs extra attention?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is your Better Business Bureau rating?
  • How are your workers trained? Are they certified?
  • Do you use industry standard cleaning products?

Asking these questions will help you determine the character of a carpet cleaning company. Are they someone you want in your house? Will your carpets be cleaned the way you want?

Quality at Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning takes pride in providing excellent service at a reasonable price. We take the extra steps, like cleaning with industry standard products and training and certifying our technicians. Pick us to freshen up your carpet and you won’t be disappointed!