Busting the Top 7 Carpet Cleaning Myths

May 8, 2024

These days, information that people hear can be rife with inaccuracies. Whether they hear it from a friend or family member, some old rumors can cause more harm than good. It can be hard to determine what is true when it comes to taking care of your carpets. Today we are debunking and clarifying common carpet cleaning myths that are too often spread around. 

As one of the best professional carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs, we understand the confusion surrounding carpet cleaning. Here at Hydro Clean, we want to make sure education resources are easy to find and accessible for our customers. 

Common Carpet Cleaning Myths and Questions 

Question: Can carpet cleaning cause mold?

Answer: No! Standing water or surfaces that remain damp for long periods of time do grow mold. If a carpet is cleaned correctly it should dry within a few hours (at most) of being cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners often use steam cleaning which is a process that dries after a few hours of application.

Myth: Carpet cleaning will result in carpet shrinkage.

Fact: Like mentioned above, when carpets are professionally cleaned they dry quickly after the process is completed. If carpets remain soaking wet for too long they can shrink. Flooring cleaning companies are especially trained, thus your carpet should never remain too wet after it is cleaned.

Myth: New carpet does not need to be cleaned.

Fact: Even when carpet is new, it still needs to be professionally cleaned regularly. The longer carpet goes without a good cleaning, the more wear and tear it goes through. This is especially true as dirt and other abrasive debris gets into it.

Myth: Carpet cleaning is only necessary for highly soiled areas and severely stained carpets

Fact: This is simply not true! Most of the dirt and pollutant build up that occurs on carpets is not super noticeable. Due to the fact that people see their carpet each day, it can be hard to notice as they get dingy or dirty overtime. It is good to clean your carpets every 12-18 months.

Myth: Dirt is the only thing carpet cleaning removes.

Fact: Incorrect! There are many unseen pollutants that build up on your carpet. From bacteria, smoke residue, fungus, pet urine, dead skin, hair, and oily build-up--your carpets are full of cocktail of allergens and dirt!

Myth: Odor removes like baking soda are sufficient when treating carpet odor.

Fact: Baking soda is a deodorizer. This means that it absorbs odor. Once the baking soda is “full” of odor and stops absorbing, then the carpet will begin to smell again. It may reduce odor for a time, but it will never eliminate the source like carpet cleaning will.

Myth: Clean carpets attract dirt.

Fact: It may seem like clean carpets attract dirt, but that is not the case. The only reason that freshly cleaned carpets seem to get dirty quicker is because you are noticing the dirt build up. Think of it this way: it is easy to see a pencil marking on a fresh, white sheet of paper whereas on a gray piece of paper it is hard to see a pencil marking.

Cleaning Up Carpets and Myth | Hydro Clean Colorado Springs

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