Will Your Carpet Cleaning Technicians Remove Their Shoes?

May 9, 2024

In many homes, families do not wear shoes. Some don't wear shoes because of tradition. Others don't to keep from tracking soil on to the carpets or hardwood. That being said, it is understandable why many clients ask if their carpet cleaning technician will remove their shoes while cleaning the carpet. Even so, there are many reasons why carpet cleaners keep their shoes on.

Why Carpet Cleaning Technicians Keep Their Shoes On

  1. Uniform - A technician's shoes are part of their uniform. Many carpet companies believe you should remain in your uniform while on the job.
  2. Safety - When carpet cleaning technicians enter a home, everything is new to them. There are many foot hazards that can be present in residential carpet.
  • Tack strips which hold down carpet may not be fully covered and may lead to a puncture in the skin
  • Pet/rodent urine and fecal stains
  • Blood, spit, vomit
  • Sharp objects like sewing needles, hypodermic needles, staples, thumbtacks, or tiny bits of broken glass
  1. Liability - From a liability standpoint, it is important employees keep their shoes on. This way, they are not exposed to any communicable diseases or potent chemicals. They also won't end up slipping and falling due to lack of traction.
  2. OSHA Requirement - Employees must wear shoes in any area that an employer believes there may be a foot injury hazard.

What Carpet Cleaners Do To Prevent Tracking In Dirt

Again, the client’s concern about bringing in dirt is understandable. However, many carpet cleaners have a process to avoid this. By starting at the furthest point in the house and working backwards towards the front door, any dirt that was brought in will be cleaned up. Another option is having the carpet cleaning technician put on shoe covers.

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning Technicians

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we want to respect our clients’ homes and provide the best service possible. Our certified technicians must keep their shoes on. However, they will clean starting at the furthest point in the house. Additionally, our technicians carry shoe covers on all of our company vans.

Or, if you're looking to become a carpet cleaning technician, check out our careers!.

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