Will your Carpet Cleaning Technicians Remove their shoes?
When carpet cleaning technicians from Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning arrive at customers’ homes, many times they are asked to remove their shoes. Our employees are not allowed to remove their shoes inside of a customers’ home. We understand that in many homes, families do not wear shoes, either by tradition or to keep from tracking soil on to the carpets or hardwood.
     There are many reasons why we cannot and will not remove our shoes. First, a technicians shoes are part of their uniform and we believe you should remain in your uniform while on the job.
Footies for Carpet Cleaning

The second reason is for safety. When we enter a home, we do not live there and we do not know what goes on it that home. There are many foot hazards that can be present in residential carpet. The tack strips which hold down carpet may not be fully covered and may lead to a puncture in the skin. Many of our jobs include pet urine stain and odor removal. In some houses where elderly people reside there may actually be human urine or fecal matter in the carpet. There may also be blood, spit, vomit, rodent feces, sewing needles, hypodermic needles, staples, thumbtacks or tiny bits of broken glass. All of these present a hazard to our technicians.

     From a liability standpoint alone, we have to insist our employees keep their shoes on. We cannot afford for an employee to be needlessly exposed to e-coli, Staph, MRSA, blood borne pathogens or even athlete’s foot.
Third, we must wear our shoes because in the carpet cleaning industry slips and falls are the most common type of accident. Giving our workers less traction on slippery surfaces is a recipe for disaster. Also exposed feet should not come in contact with cleaning solutions, some of which contain oxidizers that should not be absorbed into the skin.
Safety Shoes required for cleaning


     We understand that clients may be concerned about us tracking in more soil while we are cleaning, but honestly we are there to clean the carpet. We start at the furthest point in the house and work backwards towards the front door. We will clean up anything that could possibly be tracked in at our arrival. We do carry shoe cover on our vans and we are happy to put them over our shoes if asked.



Lastly it is an OSHA requirement that we wear shoes in any area that an employer believes there may be a foot injury hazard. The following link shows that if the employer believes there is a foot injury hazard, then foot protection must be worn and that wearing of shoes on the job may also be a condition of employment.



I hope this was helpful in explaining why we keep our shoes on and why we will refuse any jobs where a customer insists that we remove our shoes. Please understand we do want your business, but not at the expense of our highly valued employees.

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Brandon Kirk