Why You Shouldn’t Clean Grout With Toilet Bowl Cleaner

May 8, 2024

Known for being difficult to clean and a constant dirt catcher, grout is many homeowners' worst enemy when it comes to keeping a presentable household. In an attempt to ward off dingy floors and showers, a recent trend has made its way around the internet where toilet bowl cleaner is being used to clean grout.  At Hydro Clean, it is our passion to transform households by eradicating hard-to-get dirt to restore flooring, tile, and grout to its former clean state without the use of harsh chemicals. As professional grout cleaners in Colorado Springs, we know what it takes to get the grout looking its best while avoiding damaging techniques.

Many have found that using a toilet bowl cleaner to scrub away built-up dirt on grout gives immediate results that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, the harsh chemical has some dangerous side effects on grout that leaves the miracle cleaning tip in long-term failure. Our expert team at Hydro Clean is here to help you get your grout clean without any of the risks. 

What Causes Damaged Grout 

Grout is an important aspect when it comes to the integrity of tiled floors and walls.  Designed to keep the tiles in place while warding away water and other liquids from gathering underneath the tiles, grout acts as both glue and protection. The main cause of grout damage happens when the sealant barrier is worn away, leaving the grout to absorb liquid and harsh chemicals. Grout is porous which means that without a sealant, it will essentially work as a sponge. Wet grout will quickly deteriorate leaving chips and bare patches in grout lines. 

Grout is sealed when it is first installed, but if it is not reapplied yearly or is removed using harsh cleaning chemicals, it will leave your grout to quickly fall apart. While toilet bowl cleaner is tough on dirt and grime, it is also tough on the sealant protecting your grout. When used, the toilet bowl cleaner will cut through the sealant and will be absorbed by your grout. The harsh chemical will then break down your grout until it is ruined.  

How To Clean Grout

Grout being a porous material is the reason for it appearing dirty even when you’ve cleaned it a handful of times. With dirt settling deeply into its pores, the hard to reach dirt will most likely need to be removed with professional cleaning equipment specially designed to clean the grout while avoiding harsh chemicals. However, if you just got your grout cleaned or if you have new grout you are trying to keep clean, here is how to safely upkeep the clean appearance of your grout. 

1. Use water  

The best and safest option for cleaning your grout lines is to stick with water. Non-toxic and one of the best grout cleaners, water will remove dirt from your grout without compromising the sealant. For really tough grime, try adding a small amount of dish soap to the water.  

2. Scrub grout lines

Grout is hardy when it’s structure isn’t compromised by harsh chemicals, so using a scrub brush is a great way to get rid of any dirt build up. If you don’t have a cleaning brush on hand, try using an old toothbrush. Simply dip the brush into a bucket of water and begin scrubbing, dirt should be cleared from the grout in no time.

3. Dry grout thoroughly

Because grout is like a sponge, leaving water on it for long periods of time will lead to it breaking down and disintegrating. After cleaning, take a towel and dry any remaining water off of the grout lines. This will add to your grout's longevity and will keep any dirt from getting caught in the wet grout.  

4. Reseal grout  

An important step to add to your grout cleaning regimen is to reseal your grout to prevent grime, grit, and mold from infiltrating the porous material. Try to reseal your grout at least a year, but higher traffic areas may need more than that. Be careful to follow the product's instructions thoroughly or hire a professional. 

Professional Grout Cleaning With Hydro Clean

If you’ve exhausted every option trying to get your grout back to its original state, Hydro Clean is here to help. As professional grout cleaners, our many years of experience has allowed us to find the best way to clean grout without any damage. If you are looking for a clean slate or for continued upkeep, our professional cleaning equipment will get the job done. Give us a call today to get the dirt out of your grout safely.  

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