Why Equipment And Training Matter: What Property Managers Should Understand

May 9, 2024

When property managers hire a carpet cleaning company, it is incredibly important that they are engaged and asking questions. Even though they aren’t hiring someone to clean their personal property, the choice they make will still affect the company. The quality of the carpet cleaning company, especially the equipment they use and the training they provide, will end up reflecting on the manager’s property.

The Right Carpet Cleaning Equipment Makes A Huge Difference

A company that uses good equipment has many benefits including:

  • Dries faster
  • Extracts more soil
  • Prevents damage

Maintenance of Equipment

While the equipment is important, the maintenance of that equipment is even more important. Even the best equipment will give poor results if it has not been well maintained. This is where the training for the technicians becomes important. The technicians must check and repair items that wear out over time. This will only happen in a company that values their equipment and takes the time to train their staff properly.

Common Problems Associated With Worn Out Equipment

  • Waste tank lid gasket - On a truck mounted system there is a large waste water tank that should be airtight. If the neoprene gasket on the tank lid wears out or disintegrates, it creates a gap that causes a loss of suction. A small one or two-inch gap in the gasket can mean the difference between carpets drying in a few hours or taking 3 days to dry. A property manager needs to turn over the property quickly to maximize the revenue for the owner. Therefore, a 3-day dry time is unacceptable.
  • Jet performance - Another issue is the jet performance on the wand or rotary extractor. The small jets on a wand can wear out over time and should be replaced at least once a year. If the jets get worn out, they will release more water than desired and leave the carpets soaked. Again, this goes back to the technician and how well they are trained.

Why Cheap Cleaning Is Really More Expensive

Property managers and apartment managers need to understand that the equipment and the training really do matter. If a company buys and maintains the best equipment, the finished product will be better. However, if property managers err on the side of saving money, they’ll end up hiring carpet cleaning companies that have cheap equipment and poorly trained employees, resulting in poor work.

Additionally, if a property manager decides to high a low quality carpet cleaner, there will likely be displeased tenants. Unfortunately, this one issue can quickly snowball, as these tenants will begin to call attention to other issues, no matter how small, that they want fixed. These tenants may also leave negative reviews online. Either way, property managers can find themselves with more expenses and losing more money than planned.

What Property Managers Should Look For

To ensure you are picking a quality carpet cleaner for your property, there are some things you should take into account.

  • Employee’s presentation - Does the employee look and act professional?
  • Company van - Is their van lettered and relatively clean?
  • Equipment - Is it high quality and does it look well-maintained? 

These are all good things to look at when evaluating a carpet cleaning company to ensure your property will be in good hands.

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