The 5 Dogs Most Notorious For Urinating On Your Carpet

May 9, 2024

Dogs are the greatest. That is, when they're not soiling your carpet. If you are considering getting a dog, keep in mind, some are better about going outside than others.

5 Dogs That Urinate Inside Often

  1. Daschunds
  2. Yorkies
  3. Shih Tzus
  4. Chihuahuas
  5. Pomeranians

Does Your Dog Urinate On The Carpet? If So, What Can You Do To Fix It?

Obviously, not all dogs misbehave, but some are more likely to offend. If these smaller dogs are not trained properly when they are young, they will get in the habit of going to the bathroom inside. Some will do it right in front of their owners. Others will simply sneak off and find a favorite spot or room. The problem is usually discovered when the odor is strong enough to be noticed or when the dog is caught in the act.

Dogs will generally repeatedly pee in the same spot. Sometimes, this is because their scent still lingers from a previous accident in that location. Although it is easier to train your dog and break this habit when your dog is young, there are still methods you can use to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet.

  1. Schedule Method - This method focuses on determining your pets urination schedule. Once you learn their typical bathroom times, it is easier to either prevent them from peeing on the carpet, or clean it up immediately.
  2. Kennel Method - This method focuses on providing a nice kennel for your dog to stay in and taking them outside following each kennel “session.”
  3. Puppy Pad Method - Another method is using a puppy pad. By visiting the pad often and using rewarding techniques, you can get your dog to pee on the pad every time.

How to Avoid Pet Urination Carpet Stains

When a pet urine issue is discovered, there are ways to minimize the amount of damage to the home. 

  1. Seek professional advice from a dog trainer
  2. Use belly bands or doggie diapers
  3. Limit future access to the contaminated area by shutting doors or using baby gates
  4. Blot up new urine puddles quickly
  5. Have carpets professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. (In between cleanings, lightly spray the affected areas with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water.)

By taking these steps to prevent getting urination on your carpet, you will also be able to avoid urine contamination.

Need Pet Urine Removed From Your Carpet?

Having your carpet saturated or consistently smelling like dog urine is never fun. If you are looking to freshen up your home with clean carpets, Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning is here to help. Our hot water extraction method will be a great fix to treat pet urine contamination. Contact us today for more information.