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How to Get Red Stain Out of Carpet

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If you have red stains on your carpet, Hydro Clean can remove them. When kids spill Kool-Aid and other red juices, our highly trained cleaning technicians can remove red stains from synthetic dyes. We use a unique red neutralizer that is heat activated with a steamer. The heat accelerates the reaction and causes the red dye to become transparent. 

We prefer to use a steamer instead of a clothes iron. Many companies use a clothes iron, but that is risky. There is a greater chance of actually melting carpet fibers causing permanent damage or starting a fire.

After red stain removal steaming process
Applying heat and dead red to a stain
Applying heat to a red stain

What To Avoid

Please avoid red stain removal by yourself. Using internet remedies or store-bought cleaning products can set the stains and make it very hard or impossible for a professional to get the stain out. If the stain is untreated before we arrive, the chances of complete removal are dramatically increased.

Also, some of the most popular store-bought products are notorious for bleaching the color out of your carpet and rugs. It may remove the stain, but it can also remove the color, leaving a very noticeable light spot in the center of the room. Avoid any carpet cleaning product that contains the word “OXY.” These products bleach the carpet and create a problem harder to deal with than red stain removal.

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Red Wine Stain Removal in Colorado Springs| Hydro Clean

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Carpet and red synthetic dyes often cause trouble for homeowners. If you have a glaring, red stain from spilling a drink, Hydro Clean can help. Our IIRC certified technicians can restore your carpet to its original glory. Give us a call to get an estimate and learn more about our stain removing process.

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