Red Wine Stain Removal: What You Need To Know

May 8, 2024

Hydro Clean’s team of highly skilled professionals help clean and preserve carpets, upholstery, and tile floors. We provide the leading commercial and residential carpet cleaning services in Colorado Springs. For over 10 years, Hydro Clean has been the premier carpet cleaning company in the area. Whether you need to repair a tear in your carpet or need help removing a red wine stain, Hydro Clean’s trained specialists are ready to assist you. While removing a stain left behind from red wine can seem daunting, Hydro Clean can walk you through what you need to know about red wine stain removal.

How To Clean A Red Wine Stain

When an accidental spill happens, be prepared to quickly blot the stain with a cloth or paper towels. This is in order to soak up the moisture and prevent spreading. With red wine stains, it is important to blot or dab the stain with a washcloth instead of rubbing it into the carpet. Rubbing a red wine spot can cause the stain to spread and set into the fibers of the carpet. 

While dabbing the stain, alternate parts of the cloth to make sure you are always using a clean section. Red wine stains can be tricky to clean, because excess dye from the wine can soak into fibers and make removal difficult. Be sure you are quick to action in order to prevent further carpet damage from the stain.

Red Wine Stains: (Don't) Do It Yourself

Try to avoid attempting to remove a red wine stain by yourself. Using online remedies and store-bought cleaning products can make the stain harder, or even impossible, to remove. If the stain is untreated, the chances of complete removal by a professional dramatically increase. One method that can be useful and harmless is using water to dilute the stain in between blotting. Many common home treatments result in setting the stain and often bonding the dye to the carpet fibers. Once the dye is set, it’s much harder to remove, so it’s best to leave red wine stain removal to the professionals. 

Some urban myths say white wine helps remove red wine stains. However, white wine does not remove dye from carpet; it only further spreads the stain. Trying to use white wine to treat a red wine stain will result in a worse stain than you started with. It's better to leave a stain and have a professional deal with it than attempt to remove it yourself. 

Consequences Of Treating Stains Without A Professional

Many people attempt to remove and treat red wine stains without the help of a professional. While commercial stain removal products may remove some of the color of a red wine stain, they will also usually remove the color of your carpet. This results in there being a light spot where the stain initially was. These light spots are much harder to fix than the initial red wine stain, and they can cost much more money than a simple stain removal. 

Household cleaning products may cause the stain to soak in, bonding the dye in the wine to the carpet fibers. This makes the stain nearly impossible to remove. Improper stain removal is very risky, so it is important to have professionals conduct any sort of stain removal. Because these products also remove the color in the carpet, you should avoid using store-bought carpet stain removal products in general. 

It’s a good idea to avoid any carpet cleaning product containing the word “oxy.” Oxygen-based cleaners bleach the carpet, which causes a problem that’s harder to deal with than the original red stain. While a professional knows how to properly remove stains, including those from red wine, adding back missing color is extremely difficult in comparison to stain removal. Hiring a professional to take care of a red wine stain is essential for ensuring the integrity of your carpet.

Schedule Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve spilled red wine on your carpet, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Hydro Clean. Our cleaning technicians use a custom heat-activated red neutralizer to efficiently treat your stain. When used on carpet, the heat from the neutralizer causes the stain to become completely transparent. Hydro Clean’s red wine stain removal service can help restore your carpet and prevent long-term discoloration.

While many other companies use a clothes iron, which is highly dangerous, our technicians use a steaming tool to lift the stain, ensuring safety and preventing further damage.

Hydro Clean takes pride in being known as the best carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs. Our technicians are IIRC certified and have completed rigorous training courses to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of service. If you have a red wine stain that needs to be removed, a carpet that needs to be repaired, or if you're interested in learning more about our services, contact us today