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Is Carpet Cleaning Safe For Pets?

We all love our beloved pets. Even if they were the cause of the stains that finally convinced us to get the carpet cleaned, we would do anything for them. Keeping your pet happy and healthy is always a top priority, so it is important to be aware of risk factors. When getting your carpets professionally cleaned, it is critical to remember that not all carpet cleaners are safe for pets. At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs, we aim to protect the floors as well as the health of both pets and residents in El Paso County. This is why we want to share the knowledge our certified professionals have accumulated about carpet cleaning over the years.

Toxins in Carpet Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are often known for their potency and dangerous toxins. Unfortunately, some carpet cleaning products are cause for concern. Generally, the biggest issue is the toxic fumes. Toxic fumes that can cause problems if a pet is playing on the carpet soon after a cleaning include:

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaner

To ensure your pet’s safety, choosing a carpet cleaning company that uses pet safe carpet cleaners in their process. Carpet cleaners that use green, eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions are looking out for the health of your family and your pets. Green carpet cleaners consist of natural ingredients, avoiding unnecessary soap and chemicals. Without the harmful and potent chemicals, toxic fumes won’t be a concern for your pet.

Precautions to Take for Your Pets When Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

Aside from choosing a carpet cleaning company that uses green carpet cleaner, there is another precaution you can take. If your situation allows, you can keep your pet away from the freshly cleaned carpets for about 24 hours. In doing so, the fumes from carpet cleaning have plenty of time to fade which limits your pet’s exposure why keeping your freshly cleaned carpets protected. You can do this a few ways:

  • Limit your pet’s access to the parts of the house that had carpet cleaned
  • Have your pet stay with a friend
  • Keep your pet outside (assuming ample space, nice weather, and supervision)

Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Pets | Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, keeping your family safe (furry friends included) is our priority. This is why we use green, eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic solutions that are safe for children, pets, and plants. Contact us today to learn how we can provide a quality clean safely.

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