Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning is thrilled to announce we are now offering water extraction services and restoration services! With our top-tier services, we’ll be able to turn back time and make your belongings look like new again!

Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning

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Residing in the breathtaking city of Colorado Springs often means spending time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather, recreational activities, and lifestyle the Centennial State. In doing so, it is easy to track in dirt and debris from outside into your carpets throughout your home. As you bring in groceries, head in from your commute, or let your dog inside, the dirt quickly builds and sinks deep into the fibers of your carpet. While your daily activities lead to dirtier carpets, it may feel like an inconvenience to add professional carpet cleaning to your to-do list. 

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs, we are proud to connect with residents, landlords, and realtors throughout the area to provide superior service as a way to make your life easier, cleaner, and safer. Our 
are approachable and will always complete every carpet cleaning service in a way that exceeds your expectations, so that you never have to worry about calling another carpet cleaning company. With top-notch service and equipment, we are proud to provide the best carpet cleaning services in Colorado Springs. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning

The need for professional carpet cleaning may stem from multiple occasions: selling a home, a little one crawling on the carpet, or just from realizing that your carpet has become matted and unappealing over the years. No matter the catalyst that inspires you to give our professional carpet cleaning technicians a call, you can trust that Hydro Clean will provide the friendly, professional care that you and your floors deserve. From the moment we do a walk-through to observe and discuss your areas of high traffic and concern, to the moment we leave and you can embrace carpets that are free of debris, dust and allergens, our residential carpet cleaning service is one you can always count on.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We respect your time and your property, which means the way we set up the process is just as intentional as how we clean the carpets. Upon confirming your needs and having a transparent conversation about what to expect, our IIRC certified technicians will take precautions to protect your walls and furniture so that our equipment will not cause damage to your home. After initial set-up, our approachable technicians will prepare our top-notch carpet cleaning equipment including: steam cleaning wands, the powerful Rotovac 360i rotary extraction machine, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and softened water. Our decision to use green, hypo-allergenic carpet cleaning solutions stems from our desire to ensure your safety and satisfaction for months after we clean your home. Our carpet cleaning solutions are safe for your children, pets, and plants and our softened water allows us to use less cleaning solution so that your home is not left with sticky soap residue. From start to finish, our process is designed to ensure that you are confident that your cleaning is the best it can be, so you don’t have to worry about calling anyone else or dealing with any spots that were not taken care of.

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Why Choose Hydro Clean?

Your floors take on the dirt, dander, and grime on a daily basis, but they do not all do so equally. If you have pets, kids, indoor plants, or particularly heavy areas of traffic then there are sections of your carpet that likely require much more intensive cleaning. At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we always come prepared to tackle the deepest carpet cleaning concerns so that any issue can be tackled in a satisfactory manner. Our ability to cover even the deepest dirt while focusing on the integrity of your carpets is what sets us apart. Once our certified carpet cleaning technicians are satisfied with the cleaning, your carpets will be free of debris, dust, and allergens so whether there you are moving out, moving in, or there is a little one crawling on your carpet, you can rest assured that it is clean and free of harsh chemicals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At-home or even rental carpet cleaning equipment does not have the capacity to reach the temperatures needed for proper cleaning. The tools we have available, such as our steam wands, that can make hundreds of passes in the same amount of time that a professional could make 5-6 passes. Unfortunately, cleaning carpets on your own will never reach the bacteria embedded deep in the fibers of your carpet and will likely end up with sticky residue from the heavy moisture and hard water that you may have access to at home. Truck-mounted equipment has the ability to soften water and effectively remove dirt and then moisture from your carpets so they are free of residue when our IIRC certified technicians exit your home. 

We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned once per year on average, but carpets that are impacted by heavier traffic or harsh conditions should be cleaned more often to maintain the integrity of your floors. Another factor to consider may reside with any carpet warranties you may have that will outline the specific carpet cleaning requirements. 

Please remove all small items such as toys, shoes, small furniture, rugs and more from your carpets and do a quick pass of your floors to remove hair and major debris. Furniture should be removed from carpeted areas that you would like surfaced, but our technicians will use corner guards on all exposed surfaces so that your furniture is not harmed from our equipment during the carpet cleaning process. 

Due to our truck-mounted system and softened water, your floors will only be slightly damp after receiving our carpet cleaning service. The truck-mounted system pulls a great deal of moisture from the carpets, so average carpets only need about 6-10 hours to completely dry. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and circulation can all impact this time frame, but our technicians will discuss the specifics you can expect. 

Top Carpet Cleaning Company in Colorado Springs

No matter your reasoning for making the call, the decision to have your carpets professionally cleaned will leave your home feeling brand new. At Hydro Clean, we are committed to the well-being of our neighbors throughout Colorado Springs through superior carpet cleaning that eliminates grime and allergens. With our advanced cleaning technology combined with safety-conscious, eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, our services are designed to ensure satisfaction every time. Connect with our approachable technicians today to discuss how we may help you sell your home or simply enjoy daily living more with professional carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs.

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