Carpet Cleaning For Allergies

May 8, 2024

As the days get longer and you are able to embrace more of the beautiful days that Colorado Springs has to offer, you may spend more time outside or trying to bring the climate in through open windows and patio doors.

With the Colorado sunshine comes unpredictable weather including fierce winds that push pollen through your home. Tree, grass, and ragweed pollen make their way into your home through windows, clothes, and deep into your carpet.
In addition to typical dust mites and debris that makes a large impact on your well being, pollen makes indoor allergies skyrocket leading to uncomfortable moments in the place that should be most sacred: your home.

At Hydro-Clean, we are proud to be a professional carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs so we can help our neighbors from Monument to Fountain and every neighborhood in-between find the indoor peace they deserve.
Itchy, watery eyes and sneezing upon waking up in the comfort of your home does not need to be the standard. Connect with use to ease the indoor allergies through carpet cleaning you can rely on. We believe in doing a thorough, proper job the first time so you can get back to your life and enjoy the breeze again.

Carpet Cleaning To Reduce & Prevent Allergies 

While carpets are great at reducing airborne allergens, it merely traps them until they are spread around with a standard vacuum. When allergens are absorbed into your carpet, they gather and eventually make allergy or asthma symptoms worse. When you make the decision to have your carpets professionally cleaned, the dirt and allergens that are locked deep into your carpets will be removed. Additionally, carpet cleaning is the ideal preventative measure to keep dirt from intruding your home further.

Why A Standard Paper Bag Vacuum Isn’t Enough

Each time you take out your vacuum that’s been tucked away in your closet, you may actually be spreading allergens, not trapping them. While vacuuming your carpets weekly will certainly help you capture some dust, it won’t eliminate dust mites responsible for allergic reactions. 

You can try everything: mopping your hardwood floors, dusting every surface in your home, or even investing in a newer vacuum. Your extra work to combat allergies during spring cleaning may just pay off, if only a little. But if you really want to clean your carpets, you have to do it right.
When you dust or use a standard vacuum with a paper filter, you also end up spreading a great deal of dust mites throughout your home. Dust mites are microscopic, so while your home looks clean, your home may actually be worse off than it was before you plugged in your vacuum. One key way to know if this is the case, see if your allergies start acting up after vacuuming.

Indoor Allergy Symptoms

  • Wheezing 
  • Coughing 
  • Rashes 
  • Stuffy Nose 
  • Watery or Itchy Eyes 
  • Sneezing 

Rid Your Home of Allergens | Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning

As Colorado Springs transitions from Spring to Summer, the allergy season pushes through. Instead of constantly spreading the cause of your indoor allergens around your home with a standard vacuum, you should connect with professionals to get the job done effectively.

At Hydro Clean, our premium equipment is the solution to your carpet concerns from the overall look and feel to the deep clean designed to aid and prevent allergens, debris, and dust mites. By soaking and reaching down to the root of the carpet with bristles designed to scrub thoroughly and leave you with the comfort you deserve.
The filtration system traps dust mites that often plagues those with allergies all while removing stains or odors left behind by your kids, your pets, or perhaps from a tragic wine spill.
You want something that only Hydro Clean can offer, which is s