There are many coupons that come via direct mail offering ridiculously low prices for carpet cleaning. Many housewives and older homeowners look at the coupon and say, “Wow, that is a price I can afford!” The price they pay however is not what is listed on the coupon. At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs, we will not match most of these coupons, because we recognize that these cleaners have no intention of cleaning for that little revenue. Once they get in your house, the workers will explain how your particular carpet, house or stains do not qualify for the deal on the coupon.
     Also you may be told that the coupon price is the bare minimum cleaning and does not include any detergent, pre-spotting, stain removal or power scrubbing. When the total is presented, it is usually hundreds of dollars higher than the coupon price. Many people will feel intimidated or pressured to pay whatever they are being asked. After all, they took time off work, moved the furniture and the workers are standing in their home. Also they may have already started bringing equipment and hoses in the house
 If they are actually cleaning at these ridiculous prices, it means they are cutting costs on essential operating expenses, like workers compensation insurance or liability insurance. This means if their worker gets hurt on your property, you are the one who will be sued.
Carpet cleaning coupon


      Perhaps the company owner is hiring people as independent contractors, making them responsible for purchasing their own carpet cleaning chemicals. These workers then have to use high pressure sales tactics to cover the cost of the chemicals or they might heavily dilute the solutions making them virtually worthless. All of our technicians at Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning are employees who are covered by workers compensation and liability insurance.
     Another thing to be cautious of is cleaners who offer clean, cleaner and cleanest packages. These cleaners are basically saying that unless they get paid what they want, they are not going to give their best effort.


     So before you are lured in by these amazing deals, ask what is included. Ask if they will provide a certificate of insurance and a written guarantee. Also ask if they have references. A quick check at the Better Business Bureau is a good idea. Online sites like Angie’s List, Yelp or can provide honest reviews of a carpet cleaner’s past performance. Be willing to call several companies and don’t rely on price as your primary basis for hiring a carpet cleaning company.

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