There’s a big difference between vacuuming or spot cleaning and having your carpets professionally cleaned. We understand that it can be difficult to know when you should have your carpets professionally cleaned, especially if they still look clean to the naked eye. As a professional carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner in Colorado Springs, Hydro Clean maintains the tools and experience to properly clean your home. When deciding if it’s time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning, ask yourself the following questions:

How Often Do You Vacuum?

Regular maintenance of your home’s carpets will have an impact on how often you should professionally clean them. When it comes to vacuuming your carpet, consider doing it at least once a week. In high-traffic areas, however, you should vacuum twice a week. Carpets in high-traffic areas, such as entrances and bedrooms, become soiled with dirt, debris, and outside contaminants. Cleaning your carpets regularly cuts down the amount of dirt and allergens that collect and can prolong the life of your carpet.

Do You Have Children?

If you have children in the home, your house might be dirtier than you think. Children can smear, smudge, and spill on your carpet. In order to keep your floors clean with children around, try to vacuum at least every couple of days, if not daily. For households with children, it is helpful to add steam cleaning or shampooing your carpets to your list of carpet maintenance every 3 to 6 months. 

Even with regular vacuuming and steam cleaning throughout the year, professionally cleaning your carpets is still necessary. If you regularly vacuum and shampoo your carpets, plan on hiring a professional carpet cleaner every 12 to 18 months.

Do You Have Pets?

Pets are notoriously dirty. If you share your home with a furry friend, your carpets are full of dirt and debris that pets track inside on their paws. Pets are also constantly shaking off pet dander, which builds up in your carpets and increases allergens in your home. It’s also important to clean up messes as they happen to avoid long-lasting odors. If you’re a pet owner, vacuum at least twice a week, and either clean your carpets with a steamer or shampoo them at least every 3 to 6 months, if not more often. 

Pets take a toll on your carpets, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. You should call a professional carpet cleaner every 6 months to make sure your carpets stay clean and last as long as possible.

Do You Have Allergies?

Carpets can build up dirt and allergens over time, if neglected for too long. Vacuuming your home often is helpful, but vacuuming alone cannot properly rid your carpets of allergens. To help rid your home of allergens, shampoo your carpets every 2 months. In addition to this, consider bringing in a professional to clean your carpets every 3 months.

How Often Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning?

How often you should have your carpets cleaned depends on your home and your lifestyle. As a general rule, every home’s carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year. If you have children or pets in the home, you should invest in having your carpets cleaned more often. Children and pets are not the only factors to consider, however. 

If you often wear shoes in your home, for example, you track more dirt into your house and can cause carpet fibers to wear out quickly. Light-colored carpets will show more dirt and stains, which requires more frequent professional carpet cleaning to maintain the desired color. Here’s how often to have your carpets professionally cleaned:

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