Winter Carpet Cleaning with Our Courtesy Door

11/08/2018 – Written By  Brandon Kirk 

Making Winter Carpet Cleaning Better.

We have many carpet cleaning customers who put off cleaning their carpets in the winter. Some are under the impression that the carpet will stay wetter longer. Others may be concerned that their heating bill will go up with the door propped open slightly. We have answer to these concerns and a solution with our new courtesy door.                                                                         Courtesy Door

What may surprise you is that carpets actually dry faster in the winter. In Colorado our winters are very dry even when there is snow on the ground. It is drier in Colorado in the winter than it is in the Arizona desert where I grew up. If the doors or windows are open, drying happens at a faster rate.

Those clients who are concerned about their heating bill can be at ease that any cost to maintain the temperature in the house is very minimal. Indoor air quality in winter can be much worse than outdoor air quality, because we tend to keep the house sealed up. The lack of fresh air and the tracking in of soil on shoes or pet’s feet makes for a dirty environment. The poor indoor air quality can make many more susceptible to winter colds. It is amazing that many will choose to live with dirty carpet and poor indoor air quality in winter to save a few dollars. Our courtesy door can help alleviate that concern.

Watch our video to see a demonstration of the courtesy door in action.

The courtesy door is an adjustable spring load vinyl door cover. The courtesy door allows hoses to be run into the house, but it keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. An additional benefit is the courtesy door will also prevent cats or dogs from running outside while our technicians are cleaning.

There is a window in the door so you can still see anyone who is approaching the front door while we work. So if you have been putting off cleaning due to cold weather, you no longer need to live with dirty carpet and upholstery. The courtesy door will help keep the warm air in and your house can be clean and fresh in the winter too.

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning can usually clean in temperatures down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have concerns about the cold, ask the technicians to use to courtesy door. The door is not just for winter though, we are happy to use it year round for anyone who prefers it. The courtesy door is just one more way we can provide you with 5 star service.