Why you should NOT cancel your carpet cleaning appointment at the last minute.

     Imagine you saw some great reviews online for a carpet cleaner and booked an appointment for a Friday morning in two weeks. When you scheduled that appointment, you reserved a time for a worker and all his equipment to show up at you house. Two weeks have passed and its 4 PM on Thursday. A friend calls and invites you to hang out or you decide the weather is nice and you would rather do something else than stay home and have the carpets cleaned. You call the carpet cleaner and cancel or reschedule the job.
    At this point there is no time for the carpet cleaner to fill that appointment. That appointment time for cleaning is now lost forever and so is any revenue the carpet cleaning company could have earned. This is called a lost opportunity cost. The carpet cleaning technician that was scheduled to clean for you now has no work to do at that time and is told to come into work three hours later. Cancelling that job at the last minute just cost him three hours of income that he needed to feed his family or pay his rent.


     The other potential customers that wanted that appointment time for cleaning have already been told the time was not available and have either scheduled for a different day or they called a competing company and scheduled with them.
     When a customer cancels at the last minute it hurts the carpet cleaning company, the cleaning technician and the other customers who were denied the opportunity to have their carpets cleaned. So if you think you are going to cancel, please do it in enough time for the carpet cleaning company to fill that appointment time or don’t schedule the appointment at all.


     This is not just about carpet cleaning companies. When you cancel an appointment at the last minute for any service related work, you hurt people that often work very hard for allot less than what you earn. Lastly a company that has done work good enough to get those really great online reviews, deserves to be treated better than that.


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Brandon Kirk