Are You Considering Using A Rental Carpet Cleaner?

featured image using a rental carpet cleaner

When it comes to your home and your carpet, choosing an option that will ensure a quality clean is incredibly important. If you are considering using a rental carpet cleaner, be aware of the difference between rentals and hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Rental Carpet Cleaners

Machine Size

The machines use very small vacuum motors compared to the vacuum blower in a professional truck mounted unit. These small motors do not provide enough lift and suction to get enough soil and water out of the carpet. This causes the carpet to come out stiff, crunchy and streaky.

The Carpet Dries Slower

The carpet also stays wetter for a longer period of time. Much of the soap stays in the carpet which causes the carpet to re-soil rapidly.

You Don’t Know Where The Rental Carpet Cleaner Has Been

From a hygiene standpoint we need to analyze how these machines get used. Many times the rental machines are used to clean apartments which are quite often dirtier than other homes. The machines are used to clean severe pet urine contamination, overflowing toilets, sewage backup and even messes involving blood.

What The Rental Carpet Cleaner May Have Picked Up

Also what did that rental machine pick up? Could it have picked up bed bugs, fleas, dust mites, or roach eggs that might fall out onto the next person’s carpet? Was it used in a meth house?

Overall, it can be unsettling wondering if the machine was properly cleaned and sanitized before it was rented out again. Was it just rinsed or wiped off or cleaned at all?  Although the potential savings is appealing, it is important to ask yourself if it is worth risking damage to your expensive carpet or putting your family’s health at risk? Additionally, if you take into account the time to pick up and drop off the machine, the cleaning chemicals and your cleaning time, you may discover that having a professional clean your carpet will be close to the same cost and less time consuming.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment at Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs, we clean and disinfect the equipment after each job. This is done to ensure we are not carrying someone else’s filth into your home. If you are considering hiring a professional carpet cleaner, contact us for a quote and more information.

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