What Are Corner Guards and why should my carpet cleaner use them?
     Corner guards are plastic shields that wrap around the corners of walls in your home to protect them from damage. Carpet cleaning solution and suction hoses can do severe physical and cosmetic damage to your walls if your carpet cleaning technician is being careless.
Corner guards protecting the walls.

Corner Guards protect your walls for carpet cleaning hoses.

     Many carpet cleaning companies stack their appointments and place the technicians under time pressure to finish the job in your home. If the technicians are in a hurry, they may not take the time to set up corner guards in your home. As hoses are pulled through the house and around corners, the hoses can rub, scuff and mark up the corners in your home. On square corners, the rubbing may actually break off bits of drywall or texture. Rounded corners can also be damaged, requiring touch up painting or in some cases re-texturing of the drywall. Stair-posts, banisters and baseboards are not immune to this damage.
Homeowners, property managers and real estate agents should ask whether a potential carpet cleaning company uses corner guards. If the carpet cleaning company says no or claims their technicians do not need them, do NOTlet them in your home or business.  Asking these questions will also put the carpet cleaners on alert that you are a discriminating customer who values their property. The cleaners will be more conscious of the quality of work they are providing. Homeowners should request that corner guards be used and document any damage done by carpet cleaning hoses.

     Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs uses corner guards on every job.  We insist on them and you should too.

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