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Professional Sewage Cleanup in Colorado Springs

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Sewage backups, overflows, or leaks are dangerous and cause for immediate concern! Sewage is highly contaminated and needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Raw sewage is incredibly dirty and carries germs, bacteria, and pathogens that can make you and your family ill if not properly cleaned up and sanitized. Not to mention, a sewer backup, toilet overflow, or septic tank leak can cause additional problems for your property, like water damage and mold. This is why cleaning and restoration services are the most important thing you can do as a property owner if you have sewage damage in your home or business.

At Hydro Clean, we are sewage cleanup and restoration experts. Our team has extensive experience working with property owners to clean, sanitize, and restore spaces after sewage damage. We are here to provide Colorado Springs and beyond with professional sewage cleanup services. Our technicians know how serious sewage removal is and how important it is to keep your property sanitized, safe, and clean. At Hydro Clean, it is our mission to maintain the integrity of your space by offering the best professional sewage cleanup services in southern Colorado. If your home or business experiences sewage damage, you can have peace of mind that the experts at Hydro Clean will transform your space to the cleanest conditions.

Common Causes of Sewage Damage

There are a number of reasons why sewage damage can happen, but most importantly, sewage is unsafe and must be addressed as quickly as possible. Not only is raw sewage hazardous, but if left untreated, further damage to your property can happen. Here are some common causes of sewage damage that all property owners should know about.

  • Clogged drains. Clogged drains are very common. However, it is vital to clear your clogged drains when you notice them starting to clog up. If not, waste will continue to clog your drains and can cause a sewage backup in your drainage system.
  • Broken sewer lines. As sewer lines get old, they become worn or damaged over time. This can cause the sewer lines on your property to break. It is crucial to fix broken sewer lines as fast as possible before further damage happens.
  • Municipal sewer backups. If you live in a place with an older sewer system, it is possible that your municipal sewer lines can get backed up with waste due to broken lines. This can cause dirty water to come up from your drains.
  • Natural reasons. Other causes of sewage damage include natural events, such as really bad weather or tree roots. When this happens, it is possible for wastewater to get backed up in the sewer system.

The Importance of Professional Sewage Cleanup Services

Raw sewage is highly unsafe for you and your family. Sewage presents numerous health risks, such as Hepatitis A, Salmonellosis, and E. coli. Contaminated water is a biohazard, and sewage must be cleaned up as safely as possible to limit the risk of contaminating other areas of your property. If sewage water is not cleaned up, this will encourage the growth of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms, causing further sewage damage.

Other benefits of professional sewage cleanup include:

  • Detailed inspection of the contamination
  • Full sanitation of the area
  • Professional equipment to remove sewage
  • Locate the root of the problem
  • Efficient sewage cleanup
  • Sewage containment by professionals
  • Peace of mind that your property is clean

Why Hydro Clean?

Regardless if you need sewage cleanup because of a toilet overflow, a septic tank backup, or because a sewer line broke, Hydro Clean is here to help! Our professionals are highly trained to safely clean up sewage, sanitize your space, and transform your property into a clean environment. We will work to restore your home or business as efficiently as possible to minimize further sewage damage. At Hydro Clean, the health and safety of you and your family are our top priority. If sewage damage happens, rest assured that the restoration experts at Hydro Clean have you covered. Here are some reasons why Hydro Clean is the choice for professional sewage cleanup in Colorado Springs:

Sewage Cleanup FAQ

Yes! Sewage cleanup should always be completed by professionals. Raw sewage is hazardous, and the restoration experts at Hydro Clean know how to safely clean and dispose of sewage.

The length of the restoration process depends on the significance of the sewage damage. At Hydro Clean, we will work as efficiently and thoroughly as possible to clean your property.

Most homeowners insurance does not cover sewage backup. However, you should speak with your insurance to fully understand what your policy covers.

Sewage is dangerous and can cause illness and disease. This means you should contact sewage cleanup professionals as soon as possible to get started on the cleanup and restoration process!

At Hydro Clean, we will work with you to restore your belongings to the best of our abilities. If we cannot restore your belongings, we will communicate this with you so you know the extent of the sewage damage.

Keep Your Space Sanitary With Sewage Cleanup From Hydro Clean

Sewage water is incredibly dangerous to be around and requires your immediate attention! There are many germs, bacteria, and microorganisms in sewage, which can cause health problems if not cleaned up right away. Additionally, sewage that is not properly cleaned up can cause further damage to your property, such as water damage and mold. If your home or business experiences sewage damage, it is vital to call the professionals at Hydro Clean to clean and restore your property! Our team will work with you throughout our entire sewage cleanup process to make sure your space is properly cleaned up, sanitized, and restored. If you need professional sewage cleanup services in Colorado Springs, Hydro Clean is here to help!

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