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Pet Urine Carpet Treatment in Colorado Springs

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At Hydro Clean, we love our pets. But when they urinate inside the house, they can quickly destroy your expensive carpet and upholstery.

Sometimes it is just an accident where the puppy misses the pee pad or does not want to pee in the snow. Other times it is a chronic behavior caused by illness, poor training, territorial competition or defiance.

When dog and cat urine go into the carpet, it can damage the fibers and leave behind an alkaline salt residue.

When urine salts are left untreated, they can continue to produce odor for many years. 

You may not notice the odor in the winter when the air is arid. However, on a hot and humid day, the urine salts are reactivated and begin to produce odor again.

Pet urine soiling on carpet
Pet urine under a black light in Colorado Springs
Pet stains under a black light

Pet Stain Removal and Carpet Treatment

Many pet owners try to treat the problem with store-bought cleaners that never get the job done and leave behind sticky soil attracting residue. Some pet owners hire poorly trained cleaners who are long on promise and short on results. They may also fall prey to cleaners who should have recommended carpet replacement instead of treating carpet that was beyond salvageable.

If you have pet urine stains and odors, Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning can treat the stains and odors to eliminate the nasty pet smell.

When we treat pet urine, we use UV black lights to illuminate hidden pet urine spots. Urine spots in the carpet will fluoresce (glow) under UV light because of phosphorus and salts in the urine.

The UV light allows our technicians to pinpoint the urine-contaminated area and deliver the neutralizing treatment to only where it is needed.

Hydro Clean uses a combination of buffered peroxides, enzymatic cleaners, and deodorizers to neutralize the odor producing urine salts and remove yellow urine staining.

We use both topical surface treatment and subsurface extraction, depending on the level of contamination. In the case of severe pet urine saturation, we will recommend replacement of the carpet and pad. If our technicians determine the carpet is uncleanable, we will not attempt to treat it without a signed waiver.

What To Avoid When Treating Pet Urine on Carpet

If you attempt to treat pet urine stains yourself, please avoid store bought products that use the word “OXY” as they may bleach the carpet and set the stain. Your safest bet with a home cleaning machine is a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. The vinegar is a weak acid that neutralizes the alkaline urine salts, without leaving any sticky dirt attracting residue. If that does not work. It is time to call the professionals at Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning. 

Preventing Pet Urine Contamination on Carpet

To avoid pet urine contamination, kennel dogs at night or when you are not home. Use baby gates to restrict access to carpeted areas. Stay away from pee pads that teach puppies it is OK to pee inside. Invest in dog doors so they can let themselves out. Take puppies out every hour, so they have more opportunities to learn outdoor peeing. Keep cat boxes clean, so your cat does not pee elsewhere out of spite. Use positive reinforcement, not a punishment to teach your pets.

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Pet Urine Carpet Treatment | Hydro Clean

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As much as we love our pets, we don’t enjoy the stains and odors they leave behind. If your pet has tried to permanently make their mark on your carpet, Hydro Clean can help remove it. With our flexible scheduling and certified technicians, we will have your carpet restored in no time. Schedule an appointment today and experience the Hydro Clean difference.

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