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Pet Urine Carpet Treatment in Colorado Springs

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At Hydro Clean, we love our pets. But when they urinate inside the house, they can quickly destroy your expensive carpet and upholstery.

Sometimes it’s an occasional accident because your dog didn’t make it outside in time. Or it can be a chronic behavior caused by illness, poor training, territorial competition, defiance, or even breed.

When dog and cat urine soaks into the carpet, it can damage the fibers and leave an alkaline salt residue. When left untreated, this residue can produce odor for many years. 

You may not notice the odor in the winter when the air is arid. However, on a hot and humid day, the urine salts can be reactivated, leaving you with an unpleasant reminder about what’s lurking in your carpet.

Benefits of Professional Pet Urine Treatments

Many pet owners try to treat the problem with store-bought cleaners that never get the job done and leave behind sticky, soil-attracting residue. Others hire cleaners who overpromise and underdeliver. Or fall prey to cleaners who should have recommended carpet replacement instead of treating carpet that wasn’t salvageable.

When you work with Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, you can trust that we’ll remove nasty pet stains and odors at a fair rate. Our professionals will:

& odors

Eradicate Stains & Odors

If we think a carpet is beyond repair, we won’t treat it without a waiver. Otherwise, you can trust our professional carpet cleaners to get the job done.
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Our Pet Urine Removal Services

At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we use UV black lights to illuminate hidden pet urine spots so we can treat the problem at its source. Urine spots will glow under UV light because of phosphorus and salts in the urine, allowing our technicians to deliver the neutralizing treatment only where needed.

Our carpet cleaners use a combination of buffered peroxides, enzymatic cleaners, and deodorizers to neutralize the odor-producing urine salts and remove yellow urine staining. We also use topical surface treatment or subsurface extraction, depending on the level of contamination. 

In the case of severe pet urine saturation, we will recommend replacing the carpet and pad. If our technicians determine the carpet is uncleanable, we will only attempt to treat it with a signed waiver.

Avoid These Mistakes When Treating Pet Urine on Carpet

Although addressing pee stains quickly can prevent your carpet from becoming saturated, many DIY carpet cleaning methods do more harm than good. For best results when treating pet stains:

Pet Urine Stain Removal Tips

So, how should you address pet accidents? Here are two ways to remove cat or dog urine from your carpets. First, always soak up as much pee as possible with absorbent towels. 

If the pee stain is fresh, you can add a small amount of water to the area with a clean cloth or paper towel and blot again. (Be careful not to saturate the carpet here!) Repeat this process until the odor and stain are gone. 

If you’re using a home cleaning machine, create a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution. The vinegar is a weak acid that neutralizes the alkaline urine salts without leaving any sticky residue. This solution is safe to use on both fresh and older stains.

Do you still have lingering stains and odors after the spot treatment? Then it’s time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment.

Preventing Pet Urine Contamination on Carpet

Ultimately, avoiding pet accidents is going to be better for your carpet than the most thorough cleaning. 

If your pet is still struggling to consistently go to the bathroom outside, check with your vet to rule out any underlying medical condition or consult with a professional dog trainer.

To avoid pet urine contamination:

Pet Urine Stain FAQs

In most cases, they can be effectively removed from carpets. However, the success of stain removal depends on factors such as the type of carpet, the duration of the stain, and the severity of the damage. It is recommended to address the stains as soon as possible for better results.

While it is possible to remove pet urine stains on your own, professional help is often recommended for more stubborn or extensive stains. Professional carpet cleaning companies have specialized equipment and expertise to effectively remove stains and eliminate any accompanying pet odor.

Removing stains does not always eliminate the odor completely. Urine can penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and even the padding, resulting in persistent odors. Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, use enzyme-based cleaners specifically designed to neutralize pet odors and effectively eliminate them.

Yes, if left untreated, pet urine stains can potentially damage carpets permanently. Urine contains acids and other compounds that can chemically react with carpet fibers, causing discoloration and weakening the structure. In addition, if urine saturates your carpet pad, we often recommend replacement rather than cleaning since the padding acts like a sponge and is very difficult to restore. It is important to address pet urine stains promptly to minimize the risk of permanent damage.

The duration of pet urine stain removal depends on various factors, including the size and severity of the stain, the type of carpet, and the cleaning method employed. In general, it may take anywhere from a few hours to a day for professional cleaners to effectively remove pet urine stains from carpets.

Yes, pet urine stains can cause discoloration of carpets. The pigments and dyes in the urine can react with the carpet fibers, leading to noticeable color changes. The longer the stain remains untreated, the more likely it is to cause permanent discoloration. Acting quickly and seeking professional help can minimize discoloration.

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Book Your Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning

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As much as we love our pets, we don’t enjoy the stains and odors they leave behind. If your pet has tried to permanently make its mark on your carpet, Hydro Clean can help remove it. With our flexible scheduling and certified technicians, we will restore your carpet in no time. So, schedule an appointment today and experience the Hydro Clean difference.

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