At our company, Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we often get calls from clients asking if we can clean out a bleach stain on carpet. What clients need to understand is there actually is no “Bleach Stain”.  A stain is where color or soil has been added to the carpet. When bleach or bleach containing products change the color of the carpet, the carpet has actually lost color.
   No store bought chemicals are going to bring back the color after it has been removed by bleach. We are able to neutralize the bleach to prevent further damage. There are tons of internet posts full of do-it-yourself bleach repair ideas. Most contain inaccurate information that will make the bleach spill area worse.  Other do-it yourself solutions will either be a temporary fix or just make it harder for a professional to fix and that will just cost the client more money.


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First let me say that bleach should never be used on carpet or poured into a carpet cleaning machine. There are much safer products to use that will clean properly and give you all of the anti-microbial (germ) fighting results you are looking for. So forget about those rental carpet cleaning machines at the store. After you rent the machine, buy the soapy chemicals, drag the machine home and clean with it, you will find that a professional could have done it right, faster and close to what you just paid.


     There are two ways to fix that bleached area in your carpet. The first is to do a bonded insert (patch), with some matching donor carpet. Hopefully you have some extra carpet or can take some from a closet. There are some carpets however that clients may not want to have patched Taking a knife to sculptured carpet, patterned carpet, berber or high end wool may not be a good idea unless the repair technician is very skilled.


 The other way to fix the bleached area is to restore the color. This is usually a more expensive option and requires a great deal of training and practice. A professional will be able to tell if the discoloration was caused by bleach, benzoyl peroxide, sun fading, pet urine, toilet bowl cleaner or an acid. It is also important that the person restoring the color understands color theory. This will help them determine what blend of colors need to be used to bring the color back to just the right shade. A professional will also know how to properly neutralize the bleach, so the color correction will be permanent.


   Many of the do-it-yourself home remedies suggested online will wash out of the carpet with the next cleaning, because they were done with the wrong dyes, were not heat set or were not designed to be used with carpet fibers.  There are many companies that say they can fix bleach stains on their websites, but when you ask them, they will admit that they really don’t do carpet or rug dyeing. They just do carpet patches.


Professional Dyes for Rugs
At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning we have the best dyes, the best technology for color matching and training by the best carpet dyer in the world. Our color correction is permanent and will not wash out. We can correct bleach color loss in carpet. We do spot dyeing, airbrush dyeing and even re-dye whole rooms. So if you have color loss in your carpet from bleach, sun bleaching/fading or you have spilled hair dye on your carpet, Call Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs.


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