Cleaning Area Rugs

We clean both synthetic and natural fiber area rugs at our rug cleaning plant in Colorado Springs. A professional company will never clean your rugs at the house or in your driveway. There is too high of a risk of damage to the rug and to hardwood and other flooring. By cleaning the rugs offsite, we can reduce the chance of the rug dyes running, bleeding or fading. We are able to control the drying environment and we have more time to perform additional washing if needed.

Area rug in a living room     Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning can wash Oriental, Turkish, Persian, Uzbek, Navajo, Afghan and contemporary rugs whether they are hand knotted or machine made. We will roll them up, take them to the shop, clean them and then deliver and place the rugs back in the home.

We want the extra time with the natural rugs, so we can work without being rushed. Natural rugs, especially expensive or very delicate rugs should be treated with extra care. Natural fiber rug should be cleaned at low heat, low pressure and mild agitation with cleaning products that are designed specifically for natural rugs.

When cleaning these rugs, we need to test for color fastness and apply a dye locking agent when necessary to prevent the dyes from bleeding, fading or running. Rugs that have been affected by urine may need more than one cleaning or may need a more extensive cleaning in our submersion pit. We have to remember that urine and fecal matter is acidic and may permanently damage rug fibers. The length of time the animal matter was allowed to remain in the rug also affects the level of damage.

     We have special natural fiber safe cleaners, rinses, deodorizers and urine neutralizers to treat these rugs. At Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we have IICRC certified fine area rug cleaning technicians to ensure that your rugs are cleaned properly.

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