Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning is thrilled to announce we are now offering water extraction services and restoration services! With our top-tier services, we’ll be able to turn back time and make your belongings look like new again!

Carpet Repair and Stretching

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A high-quality carpet cleaning service can give your carpets new life, but what happens when your carpet has stains or damage that cannot be solved by cleaning alone? Hydro Clean offers carpet repair and stretching services that can fix everything from holes to stubborn stains. We are proud to provide high-quality and reliable carpet cleaning and repair services to Colorado Springs residents and business owners.

An intricately patterned area rug that went through our effective cleaning process.

Carpet Repair

If you have damaged carpet from burns, tears, or pets, Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning can repair it. We will cut out the damaged carpet and put in a new piece. You may have carpet remnants from when the carpet was originally installed, or we can borrow a piece from the back of a closet.

Patching is much cheaper than replacing an entire carpet, and Hydro Clean’s expertise and high-quality equipment are guaranteed to leave your home looking its best. We use a Kool Glide radio frequency seaming iron, which does not leave any messy glue on the carpet fibers. We also carefully inspect seams to ensure that carpet fibers are facing the same direction.

Removing Carpet Stains with Carpet Repair

At Hydro Clean, we are experts at tackling tough stains from pet urine to red wine. We even provide Scotchgard services to prevent stains from happening in the first place. What happens if a stain sits too long, or simply won’t come out of the carpet fibers? Carpet patching can repair even the worst stains, by allowing us to replace the stained portion with a fresh section.

Seam Repairs

If you have a carpet seam that is separating or fraying, it’s important to get it repaired quickly to prevent further damage. Not only are popped seams unsightly, but a popped seam can expose your carpet padding and subfloor to unnecessary wear and tear. Hydro Clean can re-glue these seams to leave them looking as good as new.
A carpet patch before the patching
Berber carpet unraveling
After a sectional carpet repair

Carpet Re-install

If your carpet was installed incorrectly or needed to be pulled back, we can examine the padding and carpet for damage before reattaching it. With flooding or water leaks, it’s common for carpet and padding to be pulled up to allow the subfloor to dry, but you may need the help of a professional to re-install tack strips and make sure everything is secure.

Carpet Stretching Services

If the carpet has ripples, we can use our power stretcher to tighten up the carpet and make the wrinkles disappear. Adequately stretched carpet will last longer and not cause a tripping hazard. Plus, your home will look better! To use a power stretcher, all furniture must be removed from the room in advance to avoid ripping the carpet. Here are a few signs that your carpet needs to be stretched: 

  • Loose edges
  • Separated seams
  • Wrinkles, lumps, and bubbles
area rug
Small area rug being cleaned at the Hydro Clean Shop
image of technician working on a carpet for restoration

Schedule Your Hydro Clean Carpet Repair

If you want your carpet to last and continue looking its best, regular cleanings and repairs can help. Not only will Hydro Clean fix any cosmetic issues, but a properly installed carpet will show less wear and tear over the years. Holes and popped seams that are addressed quickly are less likely to spread and cause additional damage. Hydro Clean is your one-stop shop for carpet cleaning, repair, and maintenance, so schedule an appointment today!
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