Carpet Cleaning Hose Safety:  Kids, Hoses and Hamsters:

     A common question we receive from homeowners is about the safety of our carpet cleaning solutions for kids and pets. While we do use kid and pet safe solutions, a better question would be to ask about hose safety.

     One of the biggest safety issues with carpet cleaning is the hoses. Hose safety may be overlooked by poorly trained technicians. Falling and tripping over hoses can be a huge safety hazard, but there is an even greater hazard that many homeowners and technicians may not be aware of. The two inch hose attached to a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine can be very dangerous if left unattended.
Picture of a girl with an eye patch

Carpet cleaning machines produce allot of airflow and lift (suction). If a hose were left unattended and a small child grabbed the end of the hose, deadly consequences could result. A curious child looking into an active hose could get the hose too close to their face. If the hose got attached to a child mouth, it could immediately collapse both of the child’s lungs and cause damage to other internal organs. A hose placed too close to a child face could also become attached to an eye socket and violently remove the child eye.

      Children and hoses are a huge concern, but pets are also vulnerable to hoses. A curious dog, cat or loose hamster could be seriously injured or killed if they became attached to an active hose.

Pet Odor HamsterA good carpet cleaning technician will ask about children and pets in the home. They should never leave an active hose unattended in a home with young children or pets. The hose should be attached to a carpet or upholstery tool any time the carpet cleaning technician leaves the area.

A technician may have to leave a hose to retrieve something from the van or to adjust the temperature of the solution. At these times, the hose should be attached to a carpet or upholstery tool.

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning, we train our technicians on hose safety. It only takes a moment of carelessness to cause an injury, so we cover issues that many other carpet cleaning companies may not even consider. Hiring an IICRC Certified Firm like Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning will reduce the risk of injury in your home to children and pets.

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