Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning is thrilled to announce we are now offering water extraction services and restoration services! With our top-tier services, we’ll be able to turn back time and make your belongings look like new again!

Additional Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning Services

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At Hydro Clean in Colorado Springs, we are proud to utilize our expertise to tackle any carpet cleaning issue that may present itself in your residential or commercial building. Whether pet stains, red wine, or general wear and tear impact the overall look, feel, and longevity of your carpets, our IIRC certified professionals will handle any carpet cleaning concerns. 

Red Stain Removal

Hydro Clean removes red stains from carpet. Red stains may be caused by Kool-aid, punch, soda, wine, food or wax. Most red stains will come out or fade significantly if treated properly. If you get a red stain call Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning and please do not try to treat it yourself. This will only make it worse and harder for a professional to treat.

Bleach On Carpet Repair

When bleach spills on carpet, it leads to severe color loss and overall discoloring. We are able to neutralize the area of concern and restore the color to a nearly identical shade. 

Scotchgard Stain Guard

Our team will apply carpet Schotchgard designed to repel food-based liquids. In addition to providing a barrier from liquid penetration, the protectant also prevents soil from settling deep in your carpets so that vacuuming is easier. 

Carpet Repair & Stretching

Your carpets take a bulk of damage from daily life. If your carpets are suffering from holes, burns, scratches, or other issues then our experts will stretch or repair your carpets. 

Pet Urine Treatments

We specialize in pet urine removal and deodorization. A black-light inspection reveals urine spots that are not visible in normal light. The black-light helps us target pet urine treatment so nothing is missed. Our business does not charge to do a black -light inspection. We will also let you know if the carpet is cleanable or if it should be replaced.

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